Tostito’s Latest Digital Ad Spots Are a Must Watch For NFL Fans

21. August 2017 Marketing 0
Tostito’s Latest Digital Ad Spots Are a Must Watch For NFL Fans

The NFL always finds interesting partnerships, and Tostito’s has just capitalized on theirs. The tortilla-chip maker’s latest ad campaign is hyper-focused — offering short, customized videos for most NFL teams.

The idea is simple, and has been done before — but the execution is excellent. Last year we saw Bud Light create custom cans for every NFL team, and it was a great success. Tostito’s has gone a step further.

Not only is each bag customized for each NFL team, their “Lucky Bag” ad spots show how Tostito’s is drumming up good luck for each bad.

It’s a great idea that is sure to garner interest on social media. Targeted ads on places like Snapchat and Facebook are already running, and drumming up good engagement.

The equation is simple — if you get more personal with your ad campaigns, you’ll get a better response on social media.

Check out every team’s personalized video on Tostito’s website.

To watch Justin Kerby and Jordan Scheltgen discuss this ad campaign on Mind Your Marketing, watch the video below. The weekly “Hottest Ad Spots” discussion begins at the 11:25 mark. They also cover Uber’s push to give away free ice cream.