A New App For Funky Photo Editing

17. January 2017 Technology Companies 0
A New App For Funky Photo Editing

I’ve blogged pretty much every day this year, with the exception of my two days in Colorado. More blog posts mean more featured images, and I’ve been pretty picky on what gets used.

I hate stock photos. I work in the marketing industry, where they flow endlessly. On Facebook, in print ads, basically, everywhere I turn. There’s no escaping their fake smiles and gentle brush strokes.

So on 52 Week Blog, I try to keep the fakeness to a minimum. All of the photos on this site are either taken by me, or from contributor based sites like Unsplash – but I try to make sure that the majority are my own.

Prisma has made this process easier. It’s an app that turns pretty boring looking photos into works of art.

Here’s an example. I recently took a photo of my shoes for my Run One Mile Every Day Challenge over on my personal blog. The original is pretty mundane.


Nothing to write home about. After uploading it to Prisma and adding a filter though, my shoes quickly became a work of pop art.



Much more ‘featured image worthy.’

Give Prisma a download and try it out yourself. It’s 100% free. Plus, The Next Web had this to say about it:

“This mind blowing app makes Instagram’s filters look so lame.”


Pretty good endorsement if you ask me.