McDonald’s Wants You to Apply For a Job on Snapchat

McDonald’s Wants You to Apply For a Job on Snapchat

While Snapchat and McDonald’s may seem like very different businesses at the outset, they do have a couple of similarities.

First, each company can successfully claim “Over 99 Billion Served”. While most are familiar with this phrase being seen on McDonald’s signs around the world, Snapchat itself serves up 3 billion Snaps per day as of the last assessment done in May.

They also, at the present moment, are trying to capture a similar audience. Snapchat was built on the thumbs of the under 30 age group, and they continue to seek new ways to increase their engagement with that audience. McDonald’s has a similar challenge — they need to engage a younger potential workforce.

McDonald’s has recently stated that they intend to hire 250,000 new workers in the USA, and with many in the 16–24 age demographic just finishing up school, now is their time to strike. Last July, there were 23.1 million people in that age group who were either working or actively looking for a job.

To get their attention, McDonald’s is partnering with Snapchat. In what the company is dubbing, “Snaplications”, Snapchat users can see ads for McDonald’s featuring workers talking about why they like their job. From there, users can swipe up to apply.

It’s one of the more interesting partnerships for Snapchat, which is fighting hard to stay above its $17 IPO on Wall Street. The company needs to bring in more spend from advertisers after it disappointed in its first earnings report last month where it revealed $149.6 million in revenue compared to the $158 million expectations. The stock took a tumble, down 25% in after-hours trading following the announcement. Not at all what the Snap team had hoped to see after their first ever quarter earnings.

For both McDonald’s and Snapchat, this new initiative could prove to be extremely successful — most importantly for Snapchat though, it’s a chance to demonstrate to big name advertisers that they’re worth taking a look at.

Article originally appeared on Cave Social.


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