Fox Sports Cuts Writing Staff in Favor of Video Production

Fox Sports Cuts Writing Staff in Favor of Video Production

Here’s why that matters to marketers


21st Century Fox is overhauling its online sports operation, which further highlights the direction publishers are taking online. With video content growing at a rapid rate, this may be the beginning of a new trend.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Fox will replace the writing and editing positions with a similar number of jobs in video production.

The shakeup is indicative of what’s happening in editorial rooms around the country. Content is being driven by an audience, and it appears as though the audience, in general, prefers video.

Marketers and anyone with access to relevant data have known this for a while. It’s why as an industry we’re focusing heavily on video marketing to drive our messages home.

For our clients, for our businesses, heck, even for our personal brands — content is no longer king anymore. We can be more specific.

Video content is king.

If you’re not investing heavily in a video strategy, you’re missing the signals. BuzzFeed and Vice Media are worth as much as they are because of their targeted video content strategy — and traditional publishers are scrambling to keep up.

Last year, my agency put a large focus on using live video to promote ourselves, and we haven’t looked back. Live video now encompasses 1/5 Facebook videos, and typically the engagement is extremely high. People engage with video content 5x as long as they do with static content on Facebook.

If you’re diving into video content head first, the numbers would suggest you’re making a wise decision. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, fear not. Here are a few ways you can shoot awesome videos on a budget.

Will you be creating more video content this year than last? Let me know on Twitter. As always, thanks for reading…and watching.

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