Cards Against Humanity is Saving America

16. November 2017 Marketing 0
Cards Against Humanity is Saving America

The profoundly fun and profanity packed game Cards Against Humanity is at it again with another eye-catching holiday marketing campaign.


This time, they’re “Saving America.” The company announced they’re offering six surprise gifts from now through December, just in time for their big holiday push to get their product under Christmas trees.


The video announcement was a doozy. It condemns President Trump with a comedic tone and aims to stop his wall along the Mexico border. The company says they’ve bought a piece of land that runs along the border, that for $15 you can own a part of. Their goal is to make it as difficult for the wall to be built as possible – causing a legal headache for the Trump administration.


Whether this would actually be a challenge for the administration is another question, but from a comedy perspective, to quote Kenny Bania from Seinfeld, “It’s gold.”




Here’s a look at the campaign. We’re excited to see the surprise gift announcements.



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