Business Coaches for Business Coaches for Business Coaches

22. May 2017 Ideas 0
Business Coaches for Business Coaches for Business Coaches

I’ve been in the marketing space for almost half a decade now, and one thing that the industry is plagued with is gurus. Business gurus, sales gurus – basically, people promising to bring you and your nonexistent company from $0 in sales to millions in two weeks after they tell you a few secrets.


They’re all full of shit, folks – and I’m amazed at how many people haven’t figured that out. The dude on YouTube who says you can get 4 Lamborghinis by signing up for his 3-day course doesn’t have your best interests at heart. There is absolutely no magic bullet to success. Even the Magic Bullet blender sucked. The thing couldn’t even mix up an omelet, forget mince garlic.


Everyone wants to take the escalator and nobody wants to take the stairs. Everyone wants an instant omelet and no one wants to chop vegetables and crack a few eggs.


Recently, I’ve seen business coaches on Twitter offering courses on how to become business coaches. Business coaching for business coaching! You’ve got to be kidding me. When will this cycle end?


Here’s the best business advice you’ll ever get: work hard. Working hard is the only way to guarantee you’ll be a success. Everything else is just background noise.