Amazon’s Favorite Time of Year

Amazon’s Favorite Time of Year

If it’s November, you can expect to see some interesting “news” coming out of Amazon.

The company is notorious for finding its way onto television newscasts and 60 Minutes episodes right before Thanksgiving.

Why, you ask?

Along with other online retailers, Cyber Monday is huge for Amazon. It takes place on the Monday following Thanksgiving, and Amazon wants nothing more than to be on everyone’s mind the week before.

A few years ago on a 60 Minutes broadcast, they announced drone delivery was coming. This made national news on every outlet the day after. Update: it’s 2017 and I’m still seeing the UPS man drop off my packages. Here’s a look at the video from four years ago.

Notice when the video was published – December 1st. One day before Cyber Monday that year.

Amazon has a way of marketing without making it obvious – and they do it beautifully. Other online retailers should take cues.

This year, they’re making national newscasts again with another announcement: they’re slashing the prices of holiday items like turkeys at their Whole Foods stores. The price of organic and non-organic turkeys has been cut in half, and the media is captivated.

This headline or a variation of it is everywhere online:

“Price wars are sure to ensue as Amazon slashes the prices of food at Whole Foods.”

It’s not a mistake. It’s a calculated move by a clever company, just in time for Cyber Monday.