The 4 Biggest Wastes of Time

05. January 2017 Ideas 1
The 4 Biggest Wastes of Time

I came across an article this morning with this title but found the information to be pretty useless. So I figured I’d punch out my personal 4 biggest wastes of time, quickly (as not to waste any time).

1. Television

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always going to watch Jeopardy and Survivor. But those two TV shows take up 3 hours a week, and that’s about the maximum of regular programming I should be watching. Unless it’s Game of Thrones season, of course. Throw live sports on top of everything and I’ve already saved a good amount of time for TV.

Given how much that is, I can’t afford to be watching new episodes of Kevin Can Wait or reruns of Seinfeld. My time is better spent reading, learning, or moving.

2. Worrying

If this list was sequential, this would be #1. Worrying is of no use to anyone.

As Seneca said:

“A man who suffers before it is necessary suffers more than is necessary.”

Don’t worry, be happy – worrying is a waste of time.

3. Sleeping in

7 hours of sleep is good enough. Anything beyond that is just sloth. I’m usually in bed by 11PM, so there’s rarely a day that I should be in bed past 7AM.

4. Doing anything unhealthy

It takes years off of your life, literally wasting time.

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